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Building networks from the ground up

Networks are the backbone of every home and business. We not only engineer new scaleable networks from the ground up, but we can also test and repair your current network by pinpointing the issue and providing the best options to remedy the situation.

At Syswirx, we provide cable system design, installation and project management services over the spectrum of data, voice, electronic safety & security as well as audio & video technologies. Our connections include optical fiber, copper, and wireless based distribution systems.


Network Envoirments

Offices, Apartments & Warehouses

From a small independent office to 100,000 sq. ft. warehouses and even apartment buildings

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A WiFi management portal provides your organisation with the ability to assign access levels to your hardwired network and WiFi access for different devices, employees, work areas, and tenants.

Example 1: You may want to restrict access to social media or video sites across your company but leave it open to departments such as marketing whom need it for their role.

Example 2: You want to provide quality internet to your entire office building or apartment complex. Instead of paying for multiple internet feeds, we take your single internet feed and distribute it to everyone. We then utilize VLAN technology to create multiple small networks. This way tenant 1 can not access tenant 2’s network and so on, keeping everyone secure. So every space has their own network (just like if they were provided individually purchased internet feeds) without the added cost.

Using our technology we can even create a source of revenue for you. By purchasing your own internet feed and re-distributing it to your tenants for a cost. Using VLANs we can create a remote system to turn tenants internet access on or off and also give them more or less speed all for the price per month you want to sell it to them for. By setting up a remote system, we are able to login and configure your tenants access however and whenever you choose WITHOUT the need for any on-site service.

Guest portals are another possible source of revenue. This will ensure that visitors to your business can still get online, pay for internet access but are still not able to access the organisations full network, which could leave your business open to hacking or cyber crime.

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Homes & Home Offices

Creating a strong signal for all the devices in your home from gaming consoles to streaming TVs

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We’re here to create a strong network throughout your entire home and property. Once your internet service provider brings in their internet feed, we take it from there.

We know the importance of keeping your family connected so we utilize enterprise grade devices in your home. With hardwired runs using the latest in heavy-duty cabling and setting up long range WiFi access points throughout your home and outdoor space, you’ll never heave to worry about getting a good signal… your entire property will be blanketed with the absolute best WiFi signal.

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Stadiums, Campgrounds & Centers

Our systems are perfect for high-volume areas that require a quality user experience

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It’s possible to get high quality, fast WiFi for all environments, whether it’s inside or outside.

Stadiums, campgrounds and other large venues are notorious for offering visitors poor internet connectivity, with networks unable to offer sufficient capacity to cope with a large, concentrated volume of users in one place.

For a stadium, campground or conference facility there are a range of benefits to investing in a quality hardwired and WiFi network, which includes offering real-time promotions such as discounts on concessions or merchandise, customer acquisition and social media engagement.

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Manufacturing Companies

Keeping your network stable and secure across your entire plant is necessary for a strong workforce

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With manufacturing businesses often having different offices and workspaces that are spread over either the same location or different sites, a strong hardwired netowork and WiFi signal can make a huge difference to the ability to communicate quickly and efficiently.

A strong WiFi system will enable workers to use internet enabled devices when they are in the warehouse which could be used for a range of activity from confirming Proof of Delivery (POD) to tracking and logging stock in the warehouse.

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Restaurants & Hotels

With our systems we keep your business running secure and your customers happy

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Guests now expect to be able to connect to WiFi during their dining experiance or hotel stay as a basic amenity. Relying on basic WiFi connections means guests will struggle to logon at the same time.

If you’re providing WiFi to guests but are unable to restrict access you run the risk of having your bandwidth used up by power-hungry users streaming movies or downloading software updates.

A business-grade WiFi solution will enable you to collect data on your customers and re-market to them based on their habits, for example offering a guest that always visits on a certain day as an incentive to visit on an alternative day.

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All Other Services

If you need service, we’re here. With On-Site help and even Remote Services

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Our team specializes in all types of networks. If your looking to have a network built from the ground up, we do that. If you already have a network and need us to find the issues that plague the whole office, we do that. If your just looking to upgrade some devices, cabeling or WiFi for better and faster connections, we do that!

If you need help with anything, CONTACT US!

We have a wide-range of expertise!

Remote Services (per 15 minutes) 29.99

On-Location Services (per 15 minutes) 29.99

Remote Support Minimum 30 minutes, proceeding is billed at 15-minute intervals.

On-Location Support Minimum 1 hour, proceeding is billed at 15-minute intervals.

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